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Hair Restoration



What is Hair Restoration?

This is a medical procedure done by Enhance's Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners using platelet rich plasma (PRP).

The Way It Works

  • PRP is created using your own regenerative blood factors which stimulates the growth of hair follicles.

  • Your blood is drawn and spun down causing plasma separation.

  • Your plasma is then injected in various locations around the scalp to improve the blood supply to your hair follicles which will help to increase the thickness of hair shafts. 

How Often TO Be Treated...
An initial 3-6 treatments 30 days apart is recommended.
Then 1-2 treatments yearly, thereafter. 


After initial 3-6 treatments, maintenance sessions are $350/session
Package options include:
- 3 treatments $900
- 6 treatments $1500
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