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Neck and Chin




Hello Kybella, Good-Bye Unwanted Fat.

This is the perfect treatment for those who are looking to diminish the appearance of sub-mental fat and enhance their profile.

The Way It Works
  • A minimally-invasive injectable treatment works to dissolve areas of unwanted fat below the chin.

    • Also off-label uses including bra fat and banana roll​

  • Kybella injections work to destroy fat cells, putting an end to their ability to store or accumulate fat.

  • No surgery needed! The injection process takes about 15-20 minutes.

How Often TO Be Treated...
Number of injections varies between patients as it will depend on the amount of submental fat and desired profile.
  • For fat under chin
    • average is 3-4 Vials for 3-4 treatments​
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