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What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a biostimulant that stimulates your own body's natural production of collagen which improves skin texture and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This collagen assists in restoring facial volume loss from the inside out.

The Way It Works

  • Sculptra can be needled into the skin with microneedling or injected by one of our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners. Areas of focus are typically temples, cheeks, and lower face.

  • Results with Sculptra are not immediate. The process of stimulating collagen can take up to 6-12 weeks, but continue to produce over 6 months.

  • The number of vials needed during initial treatment varies from person to person.

How Often TO Be Treated...
After your initial treatment we recommend a follow up appointment after 6 weeks and then possibly a third treatment 3 months after that. 

Maintenance is once a year thereafter.

Results can last up to 2 years. 

Cost depends on area of treatment

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